Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week in the Classroom

This was a very fun video! I especially enjoyed the fact they incorporate fitness into the classroom. I never thought to use youtube postings to get children active. However it works and this video proves it. I also thought the Digi-art was a fun idea.
I will definitely try to incorporate their writing idea too. The idea of learning to write a narrative with another class in a different area of the world is so exciting to me. However, since I am an Early Childhood major and will mainly be working with Kindergarten I am not sure how realistic this goal is. We will just have to wait and see. :)

Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Nafiza

I think it is great the opportunities our children have today. However, the one thing that I truly can not believe is that there are games that allow you to be a Darfur girl or boy. She says it allows them to realize that is going on there and how they can help. Unfortunately, I think a game will not allow you to realize what is going on in the world. If someone wants to help, they can watch the news and donate money. Not play a game pretending to be a starving child. I truly am disgusted by that.
Besides that, I think the fact they can create avatar videos is fun and cool. As long as people realize that is a fake world and not real life. My problem with avatar games is that I have done too much research in psychology classes to realize that many people blur the lines of reality and fiction and I don't think these avatar games help. As long as my students do not spend to much time on fiction games like avatar or world of worldcraft I think it is a fun way to spend some time.
I think Nafiza shows us the life of a teenager in a positive way. I like how she seems so self suffiencent. I hope I can adopt some of the things I saw in this video into my teachings.

Digital Youth Portrait: Luis

Luis seems like a hard working person. He gets up early to get his brother and himself to school each day, takes AP classes, and is even in after school programs. His parents, being immigrants, do not seem to speak English and he tutors them on how to use the internet. Which, to me, is pretty remarkable. I can relate to him because I myself check my facebook account every morning before school and when I return. I think social networking sites allow people to keep in contact all over the world. Making it simpler to keep in touch with friends and family. While watching this video, I reflected on my own experiences with technology. I hope by the end of this class that I too will be able to tutor my own parents or the parents of the students in my classroom about all the different options the internet provides us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cameron Video

This is a great video for future educators and parents! This video allows people to see how amazing a child's mind truely is. What is so fascinating to be is how much Cameron knows how to do on the computer, making videos, and even tutoring his own teachers of how to use different technology. Keep in mind that Cameron is only in 6th grades and he already makes his own movies weekly!
I think teachers should embrace technology more. When I was in Kindergarten until 2nd grade I lived in Germany. When I was a student there we did activities on the computer every week. These experiences were my introduction to technology and the world. When I start teaching, I plan on inviting children to experience any and all aspects of technology. Our children are our future and so is technology.

About Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Witney Willhite and I am attending the University of Central Oklahoma. My major is Early Childhood Education and I student teach in the Spring of 2011. I am very excited! My grandfather was a Principal, my grandmother a teacher at Brink Middle School, and I have three aunts that are teachers as well. Needless to say, education runs in my family. I would love to teach Kindergarten through Second Grade. I have a passion for children and work well with others.