Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Nafiza

I think it is great the opportunities our children have today. However, the one thing that I truly can not believe is that there are games that allow you to be a Darfur girl or boy. She says it allows them to realize that is going on there and how they can help. Unfortunately, I think a game will not allow you to realize what is going on in the world. If someone wants to help, they can watch the news and donate money. Not play a game pretending to be a starving child. I truly am disgusted by that.
Besides that, I think the fact they can create avatar videos is fun and cool. As long as people realize that is a fake world and not real life. My problem with avatar games is that I have done too much research in psychology classes to realize that many people blur the lines of reality and fiction and I don't think these avatar games help. As long as my students do not spend to much time on fiction games like avatar or world of worldcraft I think it is a fun way to spend some time.
I think Nafiza shows us the life of a teenager in a positive way. I like how she seems so self suffiencent. I hope I can adopt some of the things I saw in this video into my teachings.


  1. I think that technology is great but I am scared about how much of it needs to be used and how much is to much. I definately think that it is harder to introduce tough subjects like world hunger, and AIDS into a classroom through games. However this is a way that children can express themselves honestly in this kind of virtual world way. Good post. I like your honesty.

  2. I also found it a little odd to play a game about Darufur. I think that when kids are told so often that it is just a game or just a movie, they get a sense that it can't really happen. I think they need to know that many times these things are real, and that it is not just a game you are playing, but that it is really happening in the real world. Great point in your blog. I didn't even think to mention that I found that part of the video odd.