Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cameron Video

This is a great video for future educators and parents! This video allows people to see how amazing a child's mind truely is. What is so fascinating to be is how much Cameron knows how to do on the computer, making videos, and even tutoring his own teachers of how to use different technology. Keep in mind that Cameron is only in 6th grades and he already makes his own movies weekly!
I think teachers should embrace technology more. When I was in Kindergarten until 2nd grade I lived in Germany. When I was a student there we did activities on the computer every week. These experiences were my introduction to technology and the world. When I start teaching, I plan on inviting children to experience any and all aspects of technology. Our children are our future and so is technology.

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  1. Hey Witney dont forget to embed the video! If you already turned it in he said that you can resubmit quizes up to four times