Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parallel Play or Collaboration

I really enjoyed watching this video. I feel like this is a video that every teacher should play in their classroom. Mrs. White addressed numerous ways that students can post their thoughts, ideas, and even questions about subjects they may be struggling with. Wiki pages can be used for entertainment as well as for education. Mrs. White's understanding of is very appearent.

I really enjoyed with this video. I have tried adapting new technology into my life and been unsuccessful multiple times. I will use videos such as this one in my classroom to help students use their voices in a different and exciting way. I believe kids would enjoy using something such as wiki pages because it's somewhat looked at as a 'grown up' thing and kids alway want to do what the 'big kids' are doing, so to speak. I think that Wiki sites and other sites like the Parallel Play or Collaboration have loads of potiential to serve as educational outlets for both students and teachers.

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  1. Witney- I totally agree with you on everything. THe video was great. I also have been trying to adapt to new technology and so far I have been not very successful. I am also planning on using this video for myself to help me start a wiki for my classroom. Your right on the potiential aspect. This idea has a ton of potiential. NOt jsut for students but also for parents and teachers. We all need to work as a team, and this is a very easy way to get it all started!!!! THank you for your refelction!!
    MOnica Oldham