Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sam's EduTopia Digital Youth Portrait

I am just amazed by the things our youth are capable of doing now a days. I feel like us as teachers need to adjust to the times like these students teachers have. 7th graders are capable of doing so much and Sam proves it in this video. I am called "electronically challenged" because electronics and myself do not usually get along. However, as I watch this video I reflect back on the things I can do. This video makes me want to learn more about technology and blogging. This way I can keep up with my future students. Maybe I will even educate them on something I have learned before they have! :)


  1. Yes!!! More and more kids are getting better at using technology. THey are growing up around it and with it. I tink that is why it is easier for them to comprehend it all. As for us we are not that great with all the tools. This is the reason why many older teachers have such a difficult time with everything. This wants me to also learn as much as I can about technology.

  2. The comment that the college student made about knowing how his parents felt about being taught technology by a younger generation really struck home for me! Sounds like it did for you too and you want to avoid it!